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Argus Bluefinger’s Spectacles

Argus Bluefinger is a gnome of some renown in the Veiled Land. He is a tinker and a wizard with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. His cleverness is matched only by his negligence. He has no family or allies, but has been known to take an apprentice when it suited him.
During his long years, he has crafted several magical items for his own use, but has managed to lose most of them. A lucky adventurer might even find one of them.

Argus Bluefinger’s Spectacles

Wonderous item, very rare

This pair of wire-frame glasses was crafted to look bent, damaged and worthless. They are actually a very useful and versatile magical tool. The right side of the frames hold one cracked glass lens. The other lens is missing. In a separate, velvet pouch, Argus kept a collection of other lenses. Carved from various types of crystals, each lens, when set into the empty frame, would give the wearer a different visual benefit. The spectacles can only hold one of these lenses at a time.

Colored Lenses:

  • Green (emerald): Allows the wearer to read any writing within 5 feet as if it were written in Common.
  • Blue (sapphire): Secret and hidden doors or hatches within 10 feet are revealed by a shimmering blue light.
  • Red (garnet): Magical items within 15 feet, including items concealed behind a wall or inside a container, appear to the wearer to have a fiery red aura.
  • Amber (amber): Gives the wearer true vision within a 20 foot radius. Disguises vanish, a shapeshifter’s true form is revealed, galmours and illusions are broken.
  • Purple (amethyst): All objects and creatures within 30 feet of the wearer, even invisible ones, are outlined in a pale purple light. The wearer gains advantage on any attack made against a creature so illuminated.

The spectacles would most likely be found with only the green lens. Even Argus doesn’t know where he lost the others.


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